Welcome To CIS

If you are not familiar with us, let us introduce ourselves.

Since our founding in 1990, we have made technology a path to profit, not frustration, for our clients. We have always made knowing our clients the first step. We steer and provide direction. You drive.

We take pride in our knowledge of business and technology. All businesses have a gold mine in data and a significant investment in technology. Yours is no exception.

We believe every successful business is a combination of industry standards, current developments and unique innovation. The unique innovation is what you do that your competition does not do.

CIS is no different. We understand the buzzwords. We have a firm grip on up-to-the-date processes and technology. We read the books and have the degrees. What sets us apart is our commitment to your business and your aspirations. We invest time and energy to leverage technology in transitioning your company into tomorrow. We get excited when what we do makes your goals reality.

Bottom Line:
We know what we are doing. You know what you are doing. Beyond that, you know what you wish you could do. Let's talk about it.

CIS is a quality company. We have done projects from very small to very large. We do not sell. We solve and develop.

If you have coffee, we would love to chat. We seek a relationship where both of us enjoy the challenges and the solutions.

Why not give us a call? I am CIS and would welcome the conversation.

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